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About Our Firm

In 1978, Riitters & Riitters was founded by two brothers, Bob and Jon, in Little Falls, MN.

The 1978 inaugural and still solid philosophy of the firm, states, "The more successful we can help make, or help keep, our clients, the more successful we will be. Our practice will be limited to what we can handle without spreading ourselves too thin (and then not being able to provide each client with the best possible service). Our clients will always come first."

Even though some said it was a crazy idea, Bob, after thoroughly researching the idea, penned those words of unusual ideas and sterling ideals on blank pages in a tax preparation book he was studying while riding in a car.

"I jumped at the chance," Jon noted, with his wry sense of humor, clarifying that with, "By jumped, I mean it took me over a year to leave a position I liked (in the Twin Cities), the job security, friends, and our family s suburban home." Ultimately Jon came back to where he and Bob grew up, for "the challenge of creating a successful CPA firm by providing crucial services that small businesses in Central Minnesota need and the better quality of life for my family."

Fast forward 30 + years, and the ownership has transitioned to partners Troy Olson & Kyle Bednar, under the new name RTO PA.

"What was appealing about this firm," Thompson noted, is that Bob and Jon truly built long-term relationships with the firm s clients-one of the most rewarding things when working with small businesses is the trust and relationships that develop over time.

"Helping our clients plan for the future, or assisting them when obstacles and challenges present themselves, is a key element of the services we provide to businesses and to individuals," Thompson asserted.

"We value the partnership we have with our clients. Because we live and work in Central Minnesota, we are committed to this area and our clients success," said Olson.

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